Deep in a smelly, dark, mucky swamp, sweet and gentle little Witchemina lives with her four not-so-sweet, but kind of nice, yet still spooky sisters. Her sisters delight in casting eerie spells and boiling yucky brews, but Witchemina is an unusually nice witch. She thinks differently, acts differently, and has much different interests than her sisters. Most of all, Witchemina likes to be outside working hard to turn ugly weeds into flowers. One day, she finds a special little seed and sets off on an exciting journey to find out if this seed will finally give her the beautiful flower she has always wanted.

Follow Witchemina in this beautifully illustrated, animated tale about adventure, the beauty of nature and finding your happiness. Includes over 40 pages of original storyline and imagery, animated interactions and 5 bonus puzzle games. Kids will also enjoy earning the 16 hidden achievements sprinkled throughout the book.

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